About us

As a farmer’s family we are privileged to live in one of the most beautiful places in the province.

Every morning we wake to the sound of our rambunctious and ever punctual rooster “Rocco”; summonsingHeversham Park Farm into motion. The pigs wake to feed their piglets, the cows wake to feed their calves and the chickens strut outside to greet the new day, and our valley becomes alive with the ringing bells of our cows as they graze on the historic pastures. The farm only utilises natural ethical farming practices and all of our animals are much loved.

Heversham Park Farm is not only our home but is also a producer and supplier of the finest Free Range, natural meat, dairy and poultry products.  Our motto is from our family’s farm to your family’s plate.The farm lifestyle that my daughter has grown to love and cherish is the epitome of my appreciation of our surroundings, whilst making me aware that many children do not enjoy the same benefits of playing naturally in the open air as we did growing up.


The Noisy Rooster

As a mother and qualified registered teacher, I became increasingly frustrated at the total lack of children’s play facilities that provide wholesome, healthy, tasty and modern food. As a result of this frustration the Noisy Rooster was born. At the Noisy Rooster we offer various programs and facilities created to not only entertain your children, but to stimulate them through play and education.

Rocco (our rooster) is our inspiration for the play facility, as he is not only the noisiest rooster in history!!! but like all children is a unique character who demands individual treatment and respect.

Our constantly changing menu is modern, fresh, seasonal, and based entirely on Free Range products which are either produced on our farm or sourced from our neighbours. We raise our animals according to the highest ethical standards, with the total exclusion of any treatments consisting of hormones, chemicals (save for when they are not feeling well!!), or any other growth stimulants, and we insist on the same from our neighbourhood suppliers. This enables the Noisy Rooster to not only offer your children entertainment and healthy Free Range Food options, but enables parents to relax whilst they enjoy a delicious seasonal meal or coffee knowing that  their children are safe and being entertained by our experienced dedicated child minders.

The Noisy Rooster offers various programs during the week (Tuesday – Sunday), and school holidays. As these are constantly changing (to avoid any boredom) we recommend that you check our website for details. Regular features include story time, plays, dress up days, dough making, art and creative activities, Disney movies, pets’ corner, jungle gyms, sand pit, as well as various other playground essentials.

However, before you come visit us at the Noisy Rooster we feel it fair to warn you that we are not a fast food restaurant nor a mindless provider of boring children’s entertainment, but instead we are a unique safe children’s play venue that supplies gourmet, slow cooked, natural food that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. This combination will ensure many, many, many return visits demanded by your children!!!

We also offer a purpose built children’s party area, where our staff will assist you in the planning of a totally unique and personal party experience designed to enthrall your child, satisfying their every wish. The Noisy Rooster also caters for Stork Parties, where mommy’s can attend guilt free whilst we look after the little ones!!!!


The Noisy Rooster is situated at 48 Keyes Avenue in the heart of cosmopolitan Rosebank.

Email : info@noisyrooster.co.za